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Three years since I finished my treatments and I am 100% pain free!

I am a nurse and have worked for a prominent surgeon in town for many years. I tried everything for my chronic low back and leg pain. I finally was referred to Dr. Lohr. The whole concept of non-surgical spinal decompression was foreign to me, but I liked the science of it and it made sense when Dr. Lohr explained it. I was desperate. I would have tried anything!

Dr. Lohr was so caring. He was so flexible with my work schedule. I even sent my husband in to see him. It has been over three years since I finished my treatments and I am 100% pain free. Dr. Lohr was able to help me when everyone else had given up. My complete recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

I cannot recommend Dr. Lohr and his spinal decompression program highly enough. If you are at the end of your rope with back and leg pain like I was, You owe it to yourself to give this a try. There is no downside to it. No harmful side effects.

Thank you again Dr. Lohr, for giving me my life back.

Teresa Cohoon
I was probably one of the most skeptical patients…

I have been a business owner in Decatur for over fifty years. Most people would say that I am very conservative and overly cautious when it comes to business. When my low back pain and sciatica became unbearable, I became desperate for relief. It was summer time and I was not able to play golf or tennis which I normally played two times a week. I was probably one of the most skeptical patients Dr. Lohr had ever encountered. I was on the road in sales for many years promoting my business so I had heard every good story that could be told. Dr. Lohr told it very well. He answered my every question leaving me with no doubt that he was extremely proficient in his profession. My doctor told me I had severe degenerative arthritis and disc deterioration. I was told there was only one option for me and that was surgery; and that a good outcome for surgery at my age was very questionable. I couldn’t move without unbelievable pain, sleep was practically impossible, I couldn’t work, and most importantly I could not play golf or tennis. I am not the type of guy that can just be home and do nothing. I finally came to the realization that I had no other options. Dr. Lohr explained that this procedure was extremely safe; and that there was no way that it could possibly hurt me or make me worse. That was my number one concern. Dr. Lohr came through on every single thing he told me he would. I finished my treatments over a year and a half ago. I am 100% pain free and soon after my treatments I went back to my full, busy lifestyle. I go in occasionally for maintenance treatments. I am still 100% sold on how effective these treatments are and how easy the treatments were. All I did was lay on a table for a half hour each time. I never felt like I was in a doctor’s office. Dr. Lohr and his staff are so down to earth, kind, helpful and they make you feel like you are the most important patient they have. I cannot recommend this doctor and his approach to chronic back problems strongly enough. If he could convince me with this wonderful outcome, I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. The reason I have written this letter is because Dr. Lohr gave me his professional outlook on my case and at 82 years old I am enjoying tennis, golf, walking and life and that is a big plus.

R.D. McMillen
For seven years I suffered with a bulging disc causing pressure on my sciatic nerve. I used to go to bed early every night because I could not get comfortable sitting. I missed quality time with my family trying to get away from pain. I tried everything; Physical therapy, medications, rest, shots you name it. It just kept getting progressively worse.

I was referred to Dr. Lohr by a friend. He showed me my MRI. How all my other healthy discs were white and the bulging disc was black. He explained that was because the injured disc lost its water; therefore it’s nutrients so it got weak and began to bulge into my sciatic nerve. I was very skeptical at first because i had never heard of spinal decompression. Dr. Lohr gave me a list of his patients to call who also had bulging discs and gotten great results. I did my homework and researched everything on spinal decompression.

I visited his office and interviewed patients as they were on the table getting their treatments. They were all so positive. They all had the same story. They had been everywhere and tried everything and this was the last resort and it was working. I finally started the program. I have never been to such a doctors’ office where everyone was so positive, kind, so helpful. It wasn’t like I was at a doctor’s office at all. I have never met such a wonderful, caring doctor like Dr. Lohr. Just like he told me, I was completely cured of the sciatica. It has been several months since I have completed the program and I have my life back. I no longer have to go to bed early while my family is having a nice evening at home. The sciatica is gone and it’s nothing short of a miracle.

If you or someone you know is suffering from bulging discs and sciatica, you owe it to yourself to talk to this wonderful doctor who did exactly what he said he would. He gave me my life back and I will be forever grateful!

Eileen Lawless
How Do I Know If This Really Works?

I am 87 years old. For as long as I can remember, I have suffered from low back pain, pain in both buttocks, pain and weakness in both of my legs. The most simple tasks had become so difficult for me. I dreaded going out each day to the mailbox. I was embarrassed to have my neighbors see me walk hunched forward like an old lady. The pain was so bad, I could not stand up straight. I would have to stop every twenty feet or so to rest. I was afraid my legs would give out on me, I would fall, lay there on my driveway and not be able to get back up. My garbage man was nice enough to walk up the driveway to empty my garbage can because I could not wheel it to the curb. My world was getting smaller and smaller.

I saw Dr. Lohr’s ad on the television. I kept watching it. He kept saying; “sciatica, compression, degenerative discs.” It kept resonating inside me. I am a widow. I live alone. I was afraid to call. I was afraid to hope that I could get some lasting relief. I had spent so much time and money over the last thirty years on medications, injections, physical therapy. My doctor told me that I would have to have surgery, there were no other options left.

I finally came to the conclusion that sitting home, being afraid to try something new, was only making me worse. I picked up the phone and made an appointment. Dr. Lohr and his staff were so kind, so caring. Dr. Lohr asked me; “If there
was one thing I could help you with, what would it be?” I told him that I wanted to be able to walk out to the mailbox and not be afraid to fall. If I could just do that, I would be happy. I started taking the treatments. The first thing to go away was that awful, pain in the small of my back that had been my constant companion for the last thirty years. I was shocked. Slowly, the pain in both my buttocks started to go away. The last thing to go away was the pain and weakness in both legs. Over a period of weeks, it just crept out and has not returned. I finished my treatments several months ago. I walk almost perfectly straight. My neighbors have all come out to ask me; “What on earth did you do? I have watched you hobble out to that mailbox for the last 15 years?” One day I cleaned out my garage, got the blower started and blew off almost my whole driveway (and I have a very long driveway) before my grandson came over and said I was doing too much and he finished it for me. But I knew I could have easily finished it.

If someone would have told me several months ago that I would walk straight and return to doing my normal daily activities, I would never have believed them. My younger sister and I took a vacation and I was able to walk as far as I wanted. I was able to go shopping again with my sister.

In his office, Dr. Lohr has had me tell my story to many of his patients. He said it gives them hope and encouragement. That is why I am writing this. I want to reach out to my fellow seniors who may be afraid to hope that they too can return to a normal life. I am so grateful that I faced that fear, took a chance and got my life back. If I can do it at 87, anyone can do it.

Agnes Christman
Dr. Lohr and Staff,

I just wanted to thank you for your care and treatment for my back injury. Before we came to visit you, I’d been going to a chiropractor for almost a month with no signs of progress. He actually told me to stop coming because I was in alignment and there was nothing more he could do. We researched back surgery, and knew with our insurance that it would bankrupt us just to have this surgery that may or may not make me better. I went to my primary care doctor who gave me pain pills, but they didn’t do anything to curb the pain. We came to you on the recommendation of friends from church that we trusted. We had never heard of decompression treatments or your facility before. I remember being in so much pain that I couldn’t even stand or sit for the initial consultation. I didn’t know if I’d ever have a normal life again.

When we met Dr. Lohr, he looked at my MRI and said, “There is a 97% chance that I can help you”. I had relief and apprehension all at once. There was finally someone who said they could help me, but I also kept thinking about that 3% chance that I’d never be the same again. We were putting all of our trust into a process we knew nothing about and people we had never met. We knew that the treatments would mean spending all of our savings. We were risking literally everything on these treatments. In hindsight, I’m so glad we did. (Btw, our insurance eventually did pay for part of my treatments)

Dr. Lohr, your constant care and encouragement meant a lot when I felt like I didn’t have much hope. Almost every visit, I can remember you saying, “Hang in there. We’re almost ready to turn a corner!” Any time I would come in with the smallest accomplishment, you’d reply “I’m so excited for you!” Your optimism meant a lot to me when I was riding to treatments lying down in the back seat wondering if I’d ever get better.

Mandy, I can still remember the time I came in for treatment and you said, “Hold on, I want to see if I can adjust these numbers”. I don’t know if it was increasing or decreasing the pull or what you did, but it after that session I came home and told my wife, “I don’t know what they did, but it felt different today”. It wasn’t long after that, I finally had my first breakthrough of having reduced pain.

Jamie, I told you before the Christmas break that I was hoping for a Christmas miracle. On December 23rd, I was able to walk and sit without being in excruciating pain. I was so excited to come back and tell you about my progress. I remember how encouraging you were the first time I was actually able to SIT and wait for my treatment. In a time when I was stressed and anxious about my condition, your calm manner was always welcome.

Laura, you’re kind of known for all of your stories and your talkative nature. When I was hurt, I didn’t have contact with anyone besides my family. I had to lay down 24/7 and couldn’t stand or sit to visit with anyone. For Thanksgiving, I stayed at home in bed while everyone else had dinner. It was nice to come in and hear stories from someone and feel connected to the outside world. Hearing stories about you, your family, and your life made it feel like life was still going on around me.

I’m not completely back to where I was, but I’m getting close. I’ve been able to play sports with my kids, walk to work every day, and sit in our pews at church. My youth group kids tell me how happy they are that I’m “back to normal”. Thank you to each one of you for the help you gave as I recovered. You were each such a blessing to me.

Gary Maxwell
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